Reflections on 2016

By David J. Smith, December 15, 2016 Disruption was the watchword for 2016. The election of Donald Trump could usher in a seismic transformation of the role of government and the social compact that Americans haven’t experienced since FDR was president. Indications are that he will be the most unconventional (and unpredictable) president we’ve hadContinue reading “Reflections on 2016”

Community College Educators Gather in Alexandria, VA to Learn about Global Conflict and Peacebuilding

By David J. Smith, October 25, 2016 The 4th Annual National Community College Peacebuilding Seminar was held this past weekend at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, VA.  The seminar hosted 21 educators from Henry Ford College, Santa Monica College, Montgomery College, Massasoit Community College, College of Southern Maryland, Anne Arundel Community College, Sinclair College,Continue reading “Community College Educators Gather in Alexandria, VA to Learn about Global Conflict and Peacebuilding”

Soft Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Workforce Preparation

By: David J. Smith, November 3, 2014 I have previously written about the need for career education, particularly at the community college level, to emphasis “soft skills” as part of vocational preparation.  Programs often focus significant attention on technical skills without recognizing that it is often soft skills which make the difference in a new employeeContinue reading “Soft Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Workforce Preparation”