Celebrate the 4th of July Like a Peace Corps Volunteer

Happy 4th of July!  While most Americans are celebrating the day in the states with parades, fireworks, and cook outs, many Americans are overseas, in the military, in humanitarian aid missions, serving in diplomatic embassies, and in my son’s case (who is teaching in Namibia), serving in the Peace Corps. Currently volunteers are serving inContinue reading “Celebrate the 4th of July Like a Peace Corps Volunteer”

A Peace Corps Parent’s Travels Through Namibia, LinkedIn Pulse, 3/28/18

I recently wrote this piece about my family’s travels in Namibia in December and January visiting our son in the Peace Corps.  It provides some insight about Namibia –  and is a sort of travelog – and about the Peace Corps. Hope you enjoy it! Click here or below to read it.

January/February 2018 Newsletter: Global Engagement

My January/February 2018 Newsletter focuses on global engagement.  How can we engage more internationally?   What are things we can do in our own communities? Click here or below to read the entire newsletter.