Biden-Harris Administration Application for Political Appointments

Today, our country faces multiple crises that impact our lives, livelihoods, and the very soul of our nation: the worst pandemic in over 100 years, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the most compelling call for racial justice since the ’60s, and the undeniable realities and accelerating threats of climate change. But, forContinue reading “Biden-Harris Administration Application for Political Appointments”

International Education Week 2020

It’s International Education Week this week, November 16-20. Because of the coronavirus, the nature of international education and study abroad has changed in significant ways. This piece in the Washington Post (11/16/20) makes that point. Eventually, we will move back to traditional study abroad, but for now virtual experiences are the strategies that are beingContinue reading “International Education Week 2020”

Global Peace Index 2020 Report: June 10 Launch

The Institute for Economics & Peace are pleased to invite you to the launch webinar of the Global Peace Index 2020 report. Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), it presents one of the most comprehensive data-driven analysis to-date on trends in peace, its economic value, and how to develop peaceful societies. InContinue reading “Global Peace Index 2020 Report: June 10 Launch”