Career Coaching

Often recent college grads starting off their careers and more senior professionals looking for change are in need of advice and mentoring to further their goals. I offer career coaching to those interested in the conflict resolution, public policy, higher education,  international education, international development, humanitarian, international affairs, and peacebuilding fields. One-on-one I can offer insight and provide direction for your career aspirations: be you a newbie in the field or someone with many years of experience.

I’ve benefited from working in a range of environments including academia, think-tank/governmental,  not for profit/NGO, and in the private sector. I’ve also spent 250x250 FCC x1time overseas including as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, and worked domestically in community and family mediation. I was awarded the William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the field of Conflict Resolution by the Association for Conflict Resolution. Read about my background here. Throughout my 30 years in the field, I’ve spent countless hours advising individuals looking to build a career working on conflict and peacebuilding issues.

I have also written about careers.   I’m the co-author of Graduate Education and Professional Practice in International Peace and Conflict (Special Report 246, U.S. Institute of Peace, 2010) which is an examination of graduate peacebuilding education. My article, Starting a Career Building Peace, aimed at college students, has been downloaded nearly 10,000 times. I write regular columns on careers for the Fulbright Edge (the newsletter of the Fulbright Association) and The Peace Chronicle (the journal of the Peace and Justice Studies Association). In 2016, I  published the book Peace Jobs: A Student’s Guide to Starting a Career Working for Peace.  I also periodically post career videos on my YouTube channel.

I am an official member of Forbes Coaches Council and contribute regularly to  I have also taken course work through Coach Training Alliance.

A collection of my career related articles is here. I also have some resources you can explore here.

cropped-david-j-smith-headshot1.jpgI offer an hourly rate but also more tailored payment plans including bundling certain activities (resume development, LinkedIn profile, cover letter) for a fixed fee.

If you struggling to launch your career or in need of change, please let me know how I can help. Email me at to set up a phone call or meeting (in person if in the DC area, otherwise, via Skype). I look forward to hearing from you!

Updated 1/5/19

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