A University Paying for your Job Search? Go to Fordham University

As a career coach,  many of my clients are 20 somethings just out of graduate school.  Many of them feel that their institutions offered scant assistance in helping them transition to the world of work.  As a result, they struggle with looming debt, anxiety about work, and more importantly, a level a resentment against the institution that they attended.   Fordham University’s English Department is taking an innovative, and I would say, honest approach to the situation by offering their PhD grads stipends up to $4,500 to assist in the job seeking process.  Knowing the challenges in the labor market today, especially in the fields that I focus on – conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and international affairs – this is money well invested, and recognizes that a university can only do so much, and that there are professionals out there (i.e., career coaches) who might be better positioned to help a newly minded graduate.

Click here or below to read about program as reported in Inside Higher Education (11/16/17)

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.28.17 AM


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