Forage Center for Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Education, Inc.

The Forage Center for Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Education, Inc. is a 501 c3 not-for-profit corporation established to advance experiential-basForage-Center-solid-logoed peacebuilding and humanitarian education. Based on a ‘full immersion’ approach, those participating role play as members of NGOs, military, and civilians in complex emergency situations where peacebuilding and humanitarian skill awareness are important.  The Forage Center also provides  education and training programs for an array of educational, professional, and public groups on humanitarian and peacebuilding practices.

The Forage Center model was developed by the late  Paul C. Forage. Starting at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL in 2000, Forage offered the field exercise ‘Atlantic Hope’ for undergraduate students to experience working in complex emergency environments. After moving to Indian River State College in Ft. Pierce, FL, he continued to offer programming and also through the field exercise ‘Svetlina,’ offered a similar program in Macedonia for undergraduates. Since its original inception, over 500 students at the graduate and undergraduate level have participated with many going on to work in humanitarian and peacebuilding environments professionally.


Most recently, the program was redesigned for university students with an emphasis on graduate students studying peacebuilding, conflict resolution, humanitarian assistance, and related areas. Recent institutions participating include Arcadia University, George Mason University, Kennesaw State University, Nova Southeastern University, Tulane University,  Wayne State University, and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.  The Forage Center also encourages professionals working in the field to participate in its programs. 

The Forage Center will offer face to face program in Swanton, MD in June 2022. If you are interested in learning more about the center or this program,   contact the Forage Center.

Rev.  3/8/22

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