U.S. Diplomacy Center Launches Diplomacy Simulations Program

If you are an educator who focuses on global topics and uses experiential approaches in teaching and learning, you should consider using some of the simulations recently developed and made available by the U.S. Diplomacy Center (part of the U.S. Department of State).   The simulation topics include:

  • International Migration Crisis: Human Rights and Border Security
  • International Nuclear Crisis: Non-Proliferation and National Sovereignty
  • Global Counterfeit Trade: The High Cost of Cheap Goods
  • Crisis in the Oceans: Sustaining Fisheries in International Waters
  • International Wildlife Trafficking: Plight of the Pangolins
  • HIV/AIDS Crisis: Global Health and Development
  • Peacebuilding: The Challenge of Darfur

Click here  or below to visit the simulations page and download the materials.

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The Art of the 2-Minute Strategic Share

I spend a lot of time at conferences and meetings, and often am struck by the failure of young professionals to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with senior folks in their field.  I think sometimes they don’t recognize how valuable the time could be, even if they engage in short 2-minute conversations with others.

Read my thoughts here about my ideas for the 2-minute strategic share, or click below. It was posted originally on LinkedIn.

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Everyone Needs Work-Life Balance

In today’s competitive world, especially in pressurized not for profit and NGO environments, it is important to remember that if we aren’t good to ourselves, we can’t be good workers and employees.

I wrote this short piece in today’s PCDN blog on work-life balance, particularly  when one is looking for a job.  Click here or below to read the entire piece.

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