Guides to Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Global Campaign for Peace Education Guide to Peace Education

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Justice Studies Association’s Global Directory

Peace and Collaborative Development Network Guides

Peacemakers Trust (Canada) Guide to Graduate Programs

North American Community College Peacebuilding Programs and Initiatives Rankings Guide Guide

Columbia University Master’s Guide

And if you are interested in how to develop a peace and conflict program. Check these sources:

USIP Undergraduate Curriculum Development Guide

Manual for Colleges & Universities Developing Peace & Conflict Programs, 2nd Edition

Law Schools with Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

Updated 1/15/19


  1. David
    Thank you for bringing your vast experience and motivational abilities to Green River Community Mediation & Peace-building Institute (GRCM&PI) in Kent, Washington. Our students at GRCC and our trainees here in Kent benefited immensely from your conflict coaching and insights on peace.
    Barry Bannister, Director, GRCM&PI.


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