Featured Peacebuilding Group: U.S. Diplomacy Center

It is International Education Week  (11/13/-11/17) across the U.S.  Globally oriented educational experiences are vital to building relationships at the personal, community-based, and national levels that advance security, prosperity, human rights, and peace.  Unfortunately, this administration has not made diplomacy and global understanding a priority, in fact, arguing at times that it is detrimental toContinue reading “Featured Peacebuilding Group: U.S. Diplomacy Center”

Discover Diplomacy, U.S. Diplomacy Center, Summer 2017 Newsletter

By: David J. Smith, August 28, 2017 With the beginning for school year, educators will be looking for resources and activities for students.  If you are focusing on diplomacy or peacebuilding, you might consider exploring the U.S. Diplomacy Center, part of the U.S. Department of State. Click below for the USDC’s latest newsletter USDC UpdateContinue reading “Discover Diplomacy, U.S. Diplomacy Center, Summer 2017 Newsletter”