Community Colleges as Places to Explore and Resolve Differences: Community Mediation

By: David J. Smith, January 8, 2016 I’ve written before about the role that community colleges can play in advancing the use of nonviolent and consensus based approaches to bridging differences.  In this way, community colleges play an important role in preventing the escalation of conflict and advancing peacebuilding and social justice. A growing number ofContinue reading “Community Colleges as Places to Explore and Resolve Differences: Community Mediation”

35 U.S. and Canadian Community Colleges Supporting Peacebuilding Initiatives

By David J. Smith, June 18, 2014 I recently updated my list of North American Community College Peacebuilding Programs. Currently, 35 U.S. and Canadian community colleges are supporting peacebuilding programs and initiatives.   These efforts include peace studies, conflict resolution, social justice, justice studies, human rights (including genocide and related areas), and mediation. Programs exist inContinue reading “35 U.S. and Canadian Community Colleges Supporting Peacebuilding Initiatives”

Peacebuilding from Coast to Coast

I recently returned from traveling and speaking about peacebuilding awareness with youth, educators, and the general public.  Though travel can be exhausting (particularly when taking returning “red eye” flights leaving the west coast!) it is well worth it to see the good work that is being done around the U.S. Much of this work goesContinue reading “Peacebuilding from Coast to Coast”