By David J. Smith, June 18, 2014

Photo from Sault College's Peace Studies Program Webpage
Photo from Sault College’s Peace Studies Program Webpage

I recently updated my list of North American Community College Peacebuilding Programs. Currently, 35 U.S. and Canadian community colleges are supporting peacebuilding programs and initiatives.   These efforts include peace studies, conflict resolution, social justice, justice studies, human rights (including genocide and related areas), and mediation. Programs exist in 15  U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces.

A number of colleges support more than one initiative, often offering a credit based program, as well as a community education  (non-credit) or service effort such as at Howard Community College and Brookdale Community College.

Recently Kansas City Kansas Community College, Dawson College, and Green River Community College have started initiatives.

If you are involved in a peacebuilding initiative at your community college and are not listed, please contact me at