Jerry Barrett: Historian of the ADR Movement

I learned recently that Jerry Barrett had passed away. Here is his obituary on I meet Jerry a number of years ago after his book on the history of the ADR field was published – A History of Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Story of a Political, Social, and Cultural Movement – which is theContinue reading “Jerry Barrett: Historian of the ADR Movement”

Interview with Orlando attorney Carina Leeson on My Work in Mediation

I was recently interviewed by Carina Leeson who is an Orlando, FL collaborative lawyer with the Kendrick Law Group. I had the chance to focus on my work as an attorney and a mediator, which I don’t often do. It was really enjoyable, and got me to appreciate the important work in mediation. Watch itContinue reading “Interview with Orlando attorney Carina Leeson on My Work in Mediation”

Late Spring 2020 Newsletter: COVID-19 and Career Resources

In my recently published newsletter I feature a potpourri of COVID-19 and career related resources. As the spring semester is ending, students and faculty are starting to contemplate the fall. What I have posted might be helpful in both short-term and long-term planning. Click here.