Webinar: Study Abroad as Peace Pedagogy, 12/10/19, Kent State University

Peace pedagogy is a normative approach to teaching and learning that aims to reduce violence in all its forms.  To best understand peace pedagogy, one must understand the full spectrum of violence that affects the world.  In positive peace theory, violence indicates more than direct physical harm; rather, violence constitutes any situation where systemic, societal,Continue reading “Webinar: Study Abroad as Peace Pedagogy, 12/10/19, Kent State University”

Virginia Mediation Network, Spring Webinar, 3/4/20

I am pleased to be the spring webinar presenter for the Virginia Mediation Network (VMN). The webinar is set for Wednesday, March 4, 2020 starting at 7 p.m. Registration will open January 1. The fee for VMN members if $10, non members $40. I will share about innovative approaches that are now being considered inContinue reading “Virginia Mediation Network, Spring Webinar, 3/4/20”