Promoting Peace, Locally and Globally

By David J. Smith,  June 17, 2014 ​ ​Lately, we have been saturated with news about violence around the world. One can’t avoid daily updates on the civil war in Syria, or the one in the making in Ukraine; sectarian violence in several places in Africa, including South Sudan and the Central African Republic; or theContinue reading “Promoting Peace, Locally and Globally”

Peacebuilding from Coast to Coast

I recently returned from traveling and speaking about peacebuilding awareness with youth, educators, and the general public.  Though travel can be exhausting (particularly when taking returning “red eye” flights leaving the west coast!) it is well worth it to see the good work that is being done around the U.S. Much of this work goesContinue reading “Peacebuilding from Coast to Coast”