PeaceTech’s Accelerator Program: An Effort at Scaling Start-Ups in Technology and Peace

By: David J. Smith, April 6, 2017 Are you looking at the connection between technology and peace? The PeaceTech Accelerator provides the mentorship and training needed to scale both for- and not-for-profit peacetech initiatives rapidly, securely, and cost-effectively. The Accelerator is supported by C5 Capital Limited, Amazon Web Services, and PeaceTech Lab.   Click belowContinue reading “PeaceTech’s Accelerator Program: An Effort at Scaling Start-Ups in Technology and Peace”

PeaceTech Lab: Weekly Roundup, 3/2

By: David J. Smith, March 3, 2017 PeaceTech Lab publishes a weekly roundup of news related to peacebuilding and technology.   If you are interested in subscribing directly from PeaceTech go here. The current edition includes an article from The Atlantic questioning the use of VR (virtual reality) to increase empathy for refugees.  Because ofContinue reading “PeaceTech Lab: Weekly Roundup, 3/2”

Cyberweek 2016, October 31-November 4

By: David J. Smith, October 5, 2016 I received this notice from Bryan Hanson at the Werner Institute announcing Cyberweek 2016. ______________________________________________________________ Fall is here and Cyberweek 2016 is a few weeks away!  Please make sure you save the dates of October 31st to November 4th, 2016 and join us online for what promises to be a wonderful week ofContinue reading “Cyberweek 2016, October 31-November 4”