Where are the Monuments to Peacemakers?, Sojourners, 8/29/17

By: David J. Smith, August 30, 2017 With all the attention on the issue of Civil War Confederate Monuments and their removal, how come we aren’t talking about creating more monuments to peace?  Joe Kay in a commentary posted at Sojourners asks this question. I’ve written before about peace monuments, particularly in the DC area.Continue reading “Where are the Monuments to Peacemakers?, Sojourners, 8/29/17”

Peace Trail on the National Mall: A USIP and National Park Service Collaboration

By: David J. Smith, March 3, 2017 When I was at U.S. Institute of Peace, an idea that we started to advocate was a walking tour of peace monuments on the National Mall. I am pleased that this has finally come to fruition.  The tour is a collaboration by USIP, the National Park Service andContinue reading “Peace Trail on the National Mall: A USIP and National Park Service Collaboration”

Explore Peace Monuments in 2017

By: David J. Smith, January 5, 2017 Ted Lollis, a retired foreign service officer, maintains a list of both U.S. based and international peace monuments, memorials, and peacemakers.  Why not make a commitment in 2017 to learn about peacebuilding by visiting monuments near and far! Click below for more information.