Peace Trail on the National Mall: A USIP and National Park Service Collaboration

By: David J. Smith, March 3, 2017

When I was at U.S. Institute of Peace, an idea that we started to advocate was a walking tour of peace monuments on the National Mall. I am pleased that this has finally come to fruition.  The tour is a collaboration by USIP, the National Park Service and the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of DC.

If you are visiting DC with your family or as part of a professional conference, I would urge you to take out some time and do the peace trail!

I’ve written about monuments in DC before  (“Gandhi Memorial and Other Embassy and  Diplomatic DC Peace Monuments,” 7/25/14;  “West End National Mall Peace Monuments,” 6/22/14) and recently I recommended Ted Lollis’ guide to peace monuments (“Explore Peace Monuments in 2017,” 1/15/17).

Click below for information about the tour including a map!


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