My Webinar: Online Peer Mediation Platform, 6/26/18, 6 p.m.

Advancing peer mediation is more important today than ever before.  I’ve made an effort to support school mediation programs over the years.  I will  be offering a free webinar on June 26, 2016 at 6 p.m. (EDT) on career awareness for educators working with secondary students. Click here or below to register and learn moreContinue reading “My Webinar: Online Peer Mediation Platform, 6/26/18, 6 p.m.”

Online Peer Mediation

If you are a secondary educator, consider starting an online peer mediation program with your students. Since the mid 1980s peer mediation has been the most commonly used conflict resolution education program in the United States. Research indicates that as many as 25% of US schools have had peer mediation programs serving grades 3 to12Continue reading “Online Peer Mediation”

Online Peer Mediation Platform for Students

By: David J. Smith, February 2, 2017 If you are a secondary school educator, you might consider the Online Peer Mediation Platform for your students.  It’s a good program when your school doesn’t have a mediation program. The video below provides on overview and contact information.