How to Be Better at Parties, New York Times

This piece written by Jen Doll in the Smarter Living Section of The New York Times focuses on how to engage at a party.  But it is really helpful in thinking about how we should work a room, network, and put ourself in the best possible light in looking for work.  It’s worth a read. Continue reading “How to Be Better at Parties, New York Times”

The Art of the 2-Minute Strategic Share

I spend a lot of time at conferences and meetings, and often am struck by the failure of young professionals to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with senior folks in their field.  I think sometimes they don’t recognize how valuable the time could be, even if they engage in short 2-minute conversations withContinue reading “The Art of the 2-Minute Strategic Share”

Great Ways for D.C. Job Seeks to Network, Washington Post, 10/1/17

This appeared in the Washington Post on October 1.  Even though it’s an advertising piece, I did think it was useful in exploring ways in which to network in DC: Job Fairs Work-related gatherings Talent networks Online networks Building relationships Some of the stats pointed out are compelling: 70% of jobs are obtained through networking,Continue reading “Great Ways for D.C. Job Seeks to Network, Washington Post, 10/1/17”