Finding the Hidden Gem: Evolving Your Job Search, ACR Conference, Dallas, TX, 10/13/17

By: David J. Smith, September 18, 2017

If you will be at the Association for Conflict Resolution Conference in Dallas, please join Tracy King, Sarah Kauffman, and me for our session on career awareness.   It is from 2-3:30 p.m. on Friday, 10/13/17.

Below is the descriptor and location

Room: Elm

Finding the Hidden Gem: Evolving Your Job Search

Tracy King        Sarah Kauffman         David Smith

At a time where there are more mediators than advertised “ADR Coordinator” or “Mediator” positions, how do you find the hidden gem? How do you market your ADR skills and background to be the last candidate standing?   This session will feature several panelists from different career paths (i.e. government, non-profit, entrepreneur, human resources) sharing their struggles and success stories that led them to their current positions. Come learn about tools and strategies to identify existing positions or to create an opportunity within your existing organization.   Share your experiences, ask your questions, and receive advice from our expert panelists and your fellow session attendees.  

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