#2: Peace Week Practice – Doing Small Things to Make a Difference

By: David J. Smith, September 19, 2017

On this second day of Peace Week, I’d enough you to do something small today, but something that could be out of your comfort range: say hello to a stranger, offer to help someone you don’t know well, or try to change a behavior of yours that might need to be reexamined (like, maybe smiling more and frowning less!).  Because of  recent Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, there are many opportunities to make a small difference in a big way!

The USIP Peace Day Challenge is a good start.  Click here or below to watch the video. Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.23.58 AM.png

Random acts of kindness and generosity not only make a difference in other’s lives, but in your own.  Here are some ideas:

“Small Things Make a Big Difference,” 9/14/14

“40 Little Things that Make a Big Difference in Your Day”

“Small Things that Make the Biggest Difference”

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