Forage Center Opens Registration for Atlantic Promise 2016

By David J. Smith, December 8, 2015

2014-03-15 16.30.29
Members of the NGO meeting with village leaders

Registration is now open for  field exercise Atlantic Promise 2016 to be held March 10-13, 2016 in Fellsmere, FL.  The program is offered by the Forage Center for Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Education, Inc. Registration will close February 1, 2016.

Atlantic Promise (formerly called ‘Atlantic Hope’) is designed for graduate students enrolled in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, humanitarian assistance, and related programs.   The experience is designed to prepare students for working in complex emergencies.  It is based on a ‘full-immersion’ approach where students role-play as members of an NGO to assist a fictional country facing conflict and unrest.

To enroll, you must be a student in a program working with the Forage Center. Enrollment can be completed here.   If you are not with a school working with the Forage Center, and are interested in the program, you can contact the center here.

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