Featured Peacebuilding Group: Center for Conservation Peacebuilding

This week’s Featured Peacebuilding Group is the DC based Center for Conservation Peacebuilding. Around the world, social conflicts related to conservation issues are serious obstacles to both wildlife conservation efforts and local communities’ way of life. To address such conflicts, the Center for Conservation Peacebuilding (CPeace) pioneered the application of conservation conflict transformation (CCT) theory, skills,Continue reading “Featured Peacebuilding Group: Center for Conservation Peacebuilding”

Conservation Peacebuilding Apprenticeship Opportunity: Based in Washington, DC

If you are interested in the intersection of peacebuilding and the environment, this apprenticeship might be of interest.  It is being offered by Conservation Peace (CPeace). In order to fulfill our global mission and meet the demand for CPeace’s capacity-building and conflict intervention services, CPeace is offering a unique apprenticeship program designed to build uponContinue reading “Conservation Peacebuilding Apprenticeship Opportunity: Based in Washington, DC”