Conservation Peacebuilding Apprenticeship Opportunity: Based in Washington, DC

If you are interested in the intersection of peacebuilding and the environment, this apprenticeship might be of interest.  It is being offered by Conservation Peace (CPeace).

In order to fulfill our global mission and meet the demand for CPeace’s capacity-building and conflict intervention services, CPeace is offering a unique apprenticeship program designed to build upon an individual’s relevant experience and abilities. The successful apprentice will become an integral, full-time member of CPeace’s mission and team, helping to meet the needs of stakeholders worldwide. CPeace is committed to significant, long-term investment in the apprentice’s development in exchange for work of the highest caliber. The apprentice must be based in the Washington D.C. area for the duration of the apprenticeship at least (in order to work closely with CPeace’s Executive Director) and should expect the position to entail 25-30% travel.

See the flyer before for more information.

CPeace 2018 Apprenticeship Announcement

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