Consulting and Speaking

As a consultant and speaker, I can assist you by:

  • Assisting and advising about career opportunities in the field.  Read about the program I offered at the University of Notre Dame in 2019.
  • Developing student, educator, professional, and public training and programs on peacebuilding, social justice,  and conflict resolution/management in global and domestic (including workplace and community based) contexts. Read about the program I directed for high school students for the City of Rockville, Maryland in 2019.
  • Advising colleges, universities, and other entities on global education, conflict resolution/management (including violence prevention) and peacebuilding strategies and approaches.  Read about the 7th Annual National Community College Peacebuilding Seminar that I directed in November 2019.
  • Evaluating and developing curricular approaches to teaching about conflict resolution/management and global issues. Read about the consultation I conducted at Austin Community College in 2010.
  • Offering presentations on global issues and peacebuilding issues including related to community and youth engagement.  Read about the talk I will give at the AFACCT conference in Baltimore in January 2020.  Also watch my TEDx talk on conflict resolution skills given 2017.
  • Working with individuals, educators, and organizations to infuse conflict resolution/management and peacebuilding approaches into their efforts. Read about my visit to St. Louis Community College in 2014 after the Ferguson violence.
  • Providing facilitation, and mediation services to groups and organizations.  Read about the facilitation I conducted for the Virginia Mediation Network in 2019.

Updated 12/16/19


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