Ecological Threat Report: Webinar 10/7/21

Join us for the launch of the Ecological Threat Report on 7 October, 2021. Ahead of COP26 we’re launching with two high-level panel discussions, with Europe and US time zone events. Sign up now and get behind the threats amplified by climate change, including food risk, water risk, rapid population growth, temperature anomalies, and natural disasters. The discussion will be grounded inContinue reading “Ecological Threat Report: Webinar 10/7/21”

Global Solutions Lab: Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Design for Eliminating Urban Poverty by 2030, NYC and Philadelphia, 6/17-25/18

Are you interested to making your case before UN officials about solving issues of human rights, development and poverty?  Consider participating in the upcoming Global Solutions Lab. Click here or below for more information