Upcoming PCDN Webinar The Future Of Work: Is It What We Make It?, PCDN, 4/12/19, 12 noon ET

I’m looking forward to being the guest host on the upcoming PCDN webinar “The Future of Work: Is it What We Make it?.” It will be broadcast Friday, April 12, 2019 starting at 12 noon ET. Go here for registration information, and read below for more about the event. Please join me!

PCDN’s 2019 Career Series is focused The Future of Work in Social Change. We will continue our exploration of the key trends and concrete tips to help you advance a career of impact.

Please join us for our next webinar in the series featuring leading career, humanitarian, legal and peacebuilding expert David J. Smith, President of the  Forage Center for Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Education, Inc.

In this webinar we will discuss “Future of Work: Is it what we make it?”

The Future of work is already here and trying to prepare yourself for the future now is critical. While there is significant debate how work will change, will there be widespread disruption to stable employment, or will new jobs emerge to replace the ones that will disappear, all professionals need to prepare.

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