Community College Educator Seminar Planned for April 2017: Media in a Divided Society and Changing World, Registration closes 1/30/17

By: David J. Smith, December 5, 2016

Plans are underway for a community college educator seminar set for April 20-22, 2017 at Northern Virginia Community College/Alexandria on media issues, and how media related topics can be addressed in community colleges.  Titled “Media in a Divided Society and Changing World” the seminar examines the role media plays in the world today. The event is sponsored by the Institute for Public Service. A particular context will be the 2016 Presidential Election and the proliferation of new media forms including the phenomenon  of “fake news” as well as alternative news outlets such as “The Daily Show” that appeal to youth today.

The seminar will combine lectures and presentations with briefings by DC-based groups and field trips.  The seminar will:

  • Provide a landscape and overview of current issues related to US-based and global media.
  • Examine specific media outlets and means that can be used in the teaching and learning context.
  • Consider how students can best utilize media to be better prepared to engage civically in the future.
  • Consider where in community college curricula issues of media awareness and approaches can be examined.
  • Develop modules and lessons that can be applied in a range of fields for teaching about these issues.

The Institute for Public Service hosts two community college educator programs per year.   It annually hosts the National Community College Peacebuilding Seminar and then each April hosts a second seminar on a current pressing issue.  The April 2015 was on global public health and the April 2016 on global climate change.

Registration closes on January 30.   A tentative agenda will be posted by mid January 2017. For more questions visit the registration site  or contact contact Linda Campos at



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