International Education and Peacebuilding Themes Intersect at CCID Conference

The annual Community Colleges for International Education (CCID) conference was held this past weekend, February 21-24 in Las Vegas, NV.   The conference theme was “Crossing Canyons” and featured presentations by an array of faculty and international education specialists looking at ways in which to promote global awareness and competency through study abroad, curriculum reform,Continue reading “International Education and Peacebuilding Themes Intersect at CCID Conference”

Alumni Recent Accomplishments: Fulbright Association News

David J. Smith (Estonia, 2003-2004) recently published as editor Peacebuilding in Community Colleges: A Teaching Resource through the U.S. Institute of Peace Press. The book reflects Smith’s efforts in working with nearly 120 U.S. community colleges in promoting peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and international education. From 2005-2012 he was a senior program officer at the U.S.Continue reading “Alumni Recent Accomplishments: Fulbright Association News”