Jeremy, and not Mom, is probably right on this one!

I enjoy reading Zits.  Though my own children are out of high school, I think the insight offered about youth is often right on point!  Yes, Jeremy’s first “apartment” will likely be a backpack that he carries around the world between  gigs.  Note to Mom and Dad: clean out the attic!

The Future of Work, Catalina Rojas of PCDN

By: David J. Smith, September 28, 2017 The Global Youth Economics Opportunities Summit is taking place September 27-29 in Washington, DC.   Dr. Catalina Rojas from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is attending (I am member of PCDN’s Career Advisory Board).  She wrote this thoughtful piece about the Future of Work after listening toContinue reading “The Future of Work, Catalina Rojas of PCDN”