EVENT REPORT: NCAC Fulbright Career Workshop, 3/6/19

The National Capital Area Chapter of the Fulbright Association (NCAC) held a career workshop last night (3/6/19) that was offered by Sven Sommerfeld. Sven is a member of the board of NCAC. A Fulbrighter from Germany, he is post-doctoral fellow the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. He was joined by Monica O’HearnContinue reading “EVENT REPORT: NCAC Fulbright Career Workshop, 3/6/19”

EVENT REPORT: World Bank Briefing, 2/28/19

This morning (2/28/19) I participated in a briefing that the World Bank Group (WBG) held for the National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC) of the Fulbright Association. It was attended by at least 50 mostly young and international Fulbrighters. (About 30 countries were represented including New Zealand, Argentina, Nepal, Pakistan, Armenia, Ukraine, and Algeria). Many areContinue reading “EVENT REPORT: World Bank Briefing, 2/28/19”

My Article: Embrace the Transition, Fulbright Edge, October 2018

My Fulbright Edge column this month focuses on transitions.  If you are in transition (even if not a Fulbright grantee), it might offer you some ideas on the process. To read it, click here or below.