Community Colleges and the Challenge of Violent Extremism

By: David J. Smith, May 1, 2015 Consider these three recent events. In the first case, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi kills his college work-study supervisor. The killer claims to hate gays, and killed his boss because he was gay. In the second case, two brothers of Muslim Chechen background set off bombs at an international marathon,Continue reading “Community Colleges and the Challenge of Violent Extremism”

Preventing Radicalization and the Role of Community Colleges

Much has been reported lately about the backgrounds of the Tsarnaev brothers who are alleged to have committed the Boston Marathon bombings.   We now know much about their Chechen backgrounds, immigration to the U.S., and their life in Boston.  Both brothers attended college:  Dzhokhar, the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, and Tamerlan, Bunker Hill CommunityContinue reading “Preventing Radicalization and the Role of Community Colleges”

Community Need, Community Response, Community Colleges

The recent Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013 and the explosion at the West (Texas) Fertilizer Plant on April 17, 2013 remind us of the vulnerability that exist in our communities to both large scale disasters as well as the potential for acts of violence perpetrated against civilians for political reasons.  These two events,Continue reading “Community Need, Community Response, Community Colleges”