The William J. Kreidler Award: Nominations Open 1/1/21, Close 7/1/21

Awarded for Distinguished Service to expanding knowledge in the field of Conflict Resolution as Presented by The Association for Conflict Resolution’s Education, Research and Training Section​ Established in 2007 by the Education Section of the Association of Conflict Resolution (ACR), the William J. Kreidler Award is given to a person who has engaged in education, research, teachingContinue reading “The William J. Kreidler Award: Nominations Open 1/1/21, Close 7/1/21”

AmerXchange Domestic Exchange Survey

In America today it is more important than ever for young people to have opportunities to meet and collaborate with each other across the whole country. We must begin listening to one another, healing, and moving forward together. That starts with knowing one another.  AmerXchange is a pilot domestic exchange program between urban and rural schools. Each smallContinue reading “AmerXchange Domestic Exchange Survey”