Peace First Challenge, Deadline for Application: 2/10/17

By: David J. Smith, January 25, 2017

From  Peace First:

“Young people around the world are hungry to be prepared, challenged and engaged fully, collectively, and purposefully to improve the world around them. And we are answering that call with the Peace First Challenge.

We are challenging young people living in the United States between the ages of 13-24 to change our communities for the better by crossing lines of difference, standing up for yourselves, joining with others to solve community problems, and showing the world the power young people have to be a force for good.

Good starts young. And, it starts now.

The Peace First Challenge is a global call-to-action to all young people to join a community of peacemakers dedicated to finding compassionate solutions to the world’s problems.

When you accept the Peace First Challenge, you are invited to develop your own peacemaking project addressing an injustice you care about, and Peace First will support you by providing you with tools and skills, investing in your ideas and sharing your stories and impact with the world.”

For more information, click below


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