Undergraduate Program Survey: Deadline September 15

By David J. Smith, August 17, 2016

I recently received this from the Peace and Justice Studies Association.  Even if you are not a PJSA member, but are involved in a program, you can participate.

A working group comprised of members of the Peace and Justice Studies Association is conducting a survey of undergraduate peace and conflict studies and related programs.  We invite and encourage you to contribute information regarding your academic program to this collective effort that we believe will benefit not only PJSA members, but other colleges and universities developing and implementing programs.
The original call for this survey was posted this summer.  As many staff and faculty were away, we are now extending the deadline to September 15.  We appreciate your help soliciting responses from those responsible for collecting data on your program.  The more data we have the more useful it will be for all of us.
The purpose of this survey is to gather historical enrollment data and other evidence demonstrating student demand for studying and pursuing degrees in the field.  The data and corresponding analysis will be made publicly available.  Our intention and hope is that this data will be useful in support and justification of the development of new programs and review of existing programs.

Our generalized survey is designed to gather data from a wide range of institutions (from large public universities to community colleges) and a diversity of academic degrees including minors, concentrations, majors and certificates.Types of Programs to be Surveyed: We are using the term “peace and conflict studies” to cover a wide range of undergraduate academic programs that address the underlying causes of violence and conflict and explore a wide variety of theories, skills and approaches for pursuing peace and justice.  Programs titles might include (but are not limited to): Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies; Conflict Management / Resolution / Analysis; International Relations / Development Studies; Global Studies; Peacebuilding; and Sustainable Development.  The common denominator of these programs is a shared purpose in confronting violence and building peace.

Details / Preparations:
>>Click here to complete the survey online (http://www.peace-ed-campaign.org/peace-studies-survey/)

Due Date: 
Please complete the survey by September 15, 2016

To be completed by: 
Academic Program Directors, Administrators and/or Faculty
(* The survey asks for contact information for potential follow-up; however names and contact information will not be shared in the data analysis / report)

Time to complete: 
Approximately 10-20 minutes (depending upon access to data)

Some data you’ll need to gather: 
(*you can cut and paste this information from other documents you have available)

  • basic institutional data (size of university)
  • program history (when it began; a short historical narrative if available)
  • program goals
  • basic program information (# of courses/credits required for degree; # of core courses/electives)
  • enrollment data for “intro courses” (ideally for the first 3 years of the program to show historical development – an average over a 3-year period is also acceptable)
  • enrollment data for students pursuing the degree (ideally for the first 3 years of the program – an average over a 3-year period is also acceptable)
  • Info on marketing / outreach plans

Sharing of Analysis / Report: 
The analysis / report should be available by August 2016.  It will be shared with PJSA and posted on the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and Global Campaign for Peace Education websites.

Please direct questions to the survey coordinator, Dr. Tony Jenkins, Director, Peace Education Initiative at The University of Toledo: tony.jenkins@utoledo.edu

Thank you in advance for your time and effort!

PJSA Undergraduate Program Survey Working Group members:

  • Jennifer Batton, Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict
  • Amy S Cox, Arcadia University
  • Lowell Ewert, Conrad Grebel University College – University of Waterloo
  • Laura L. Finley, Barry University
  • Tony Jenkins, The University of Toledo
  • George Lopez, University of Notre Dame
  • Tyler Olson, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Rachel Reist, Conrad Grebel University College – University of Waterloo
  • Dale Snauwaert, The University of Toledo
  • Emily Welty, Pace University
  • Katie Zanoni, University of San Diego

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