Celebrating the International Day of Peace Through Action

September 17, 2013–On September 21 each year, people around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace, participating in special events and activities, and pledging to take action to build peace locally and globally.This year’s theme, Education for Peace, also reminds us of the important role education plays in providing young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to create more peaceful communities and ultimately a more peaceful world.We know that young people and educators are building peace every day, whether mediating a conflict between two friends, reading the newspaper to learn more about what’s happening in Syria, or creating a classroom culture that appreciates multiple perspectives and diversity.This September 21, provides an opportunity for all of us to recommit ourselves to building peace in our communities and combining efforts with millions of people around the world.
As you celebrate this day with activities and events, the Global Peacebuilding Center at USIP wants to know what actions you are taking.

Share your plans for the International Day of Peacewith the Global Peacebuilding Center and see what other young peacebuilders are doing!

Need some ideas to get you started?

Here are some actions you can take on the Global Peacebuilding Center’s website:

  • Travel through the world of peacebuilding. Sign up for your Virtual Passport! Collect stamps in your passport by completing quizzes and activities, and gain new knowledge and skills in peacebuilding.
  • Discover hidden – and not so hidden – peace events in world historyPeace Events of the 20th and 21st Centuries lists some of the more important measures undertaken during the 20th and the first decade of the 21st century in the ongoing worldwide effort to promote peace. After you look at the list, test your knowledge with the accompanying crossword puzzleEducators: this resource includes tips for using it in the classroom.

Also check out the following:

Educators, for more ideas, take a look at our teaching resources, including our curriculum guide: thePeacebuilding Toolkit for Educators.

And, as always, we welcome your stories and photos of your own peacebuilding activities.

Learn more about the International Day of Peace.

This was originally posted by USIP’s Global Peacebuilding Center on September 17, 2013

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