Montgomery College to Host Global Conflict and Peacebuilding Seminar, October 12-15

Montgomery College in Germantown, Maryland in partnership with the International Humanitarian Law Program at the American Red Cross will host a 4-day seminar for community college faculty October 12-15, 2013 (with an optional reception on October 11) on global peacebuilding.   This is a unique opportunity for faculty from across the U.S. to gather to explore issues of international conflict, peace, war, nonviolent approaches, humanitarian assistance, international law, and other issues that are increasingly important to address in “democracy’s colleges.”

This effort is being spearheaded by Jennifer Haydel, assistant professor of political science at Montgomery College, and David J. Smith, formerly of the U.S. Institute of Peace, and editor of Peacebuilding in Community Colleges:  A Teaching Resource, recently published by USIP Press.   (Every participant will receive a copy of the book).

The seminar will feature speakers and visits by representatives from a range of DC based entities that focus on global peacebuilding including the U.S. Institute of Peace, Organization of American States, International Humanitarian Law Program at the American Red Cross, and others.   Most of the program will be held at Montgomery College’s Germantown Campus (located just outside of Washington, DC).  However, one day of the program will involve participants visiting DC based entities for briefings on their work.

Currently there is no other program based in Washington, DC that provides community college faculty with the opportunity to obtain an insider’s view of pressing issues of international conflict, as such, faculty teaching in an array of disciplines that consider global issues are encouraged to apply to the program.   Enrollment is limited to 30 and the application deadline is September 3.   Fee, hotel, and registration information can be found here.

If you have questions about the program, please contact David J. Smith at or Jennifer Haydel at

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