PCDN 2017 Career Series

By: David J. Smith, January 4, 2017 If you are considering a career change (or starting your career) in 2017, check out the Peace and Collaborative Development Network’s Career Series.  And if you are interested in one on one career coaching, let me know! Click below.

PCDN Free Webinar on Careers: November 10 and December 8 (Enrollment is limited!)

By David J. Smith, November 7, 2016 If you looking for a career in peacebuilding or social change, consider this free career 2- part webinar.  There are only a few spots left!  Click below for more information.

Updated Resource Guides to Careers, Networking, Funding in Development, Social Change, Conflict Resolution and Related Fields

By David J. Smith, October 25, 2016 Click image below