Pinkcast 2.3: The Power of an “Emotional First Aid Kit”

By: David J. Smith, September 12, 2017 If you are having rough day (we all do!), consider setting up an “emotional first aid kit” for yourself.  This Pinkcast features Bonnie St. John, former White House aid, Paralympian, and author. Click here or below for more

Pinkcast 1.21: The 6 Essential Lessons of Any Great Career (video)

By: David J. Smith, May 3, 2017 Here is Daniel Pink’s latest Pinkcast.  As he points out, it’s graduation season and new college graduates will soon by hitting the streets looking for work.  In this video, he offers his six lessons: This is no plan Think strengths, not weaknesses It’s not about you Persistence trumps talentContinue reading “Pinkcast 1.21: The 6 Essential Lessons of Any Great Career (video)”