PCDN’s Career Advisory Board

Want to give a shout out to PCDN and its Career Advisory Board!  Glad to be a member of this group of experts on social change careers.  If you are looking to make a career “upgrade” consider The Social Career Changing Helping Line where your most difficult career questions will be answered! Click here or belowContinue reading “PCDN’s Career Advisory Board”

Season 1 of the Social Change Career Podcast

If you are in the social change business…I think we all are if you we are interested in peacebuilding, then check out the first season of the Social Change Career Podcast! I’m glad to be a member of the career advisory board of PCDN. Click here or below.

Everyone Needs Work-Life Balance

In today’s competitive world, especially in pressurized not for profit and NGO environments, it is important to remember that if we aren’t good to ourselves, we can’t be good workers and employees. I wrote this short piece in today’s PCDN blog on work-life balance, particularly  when one is looking for a job.  Click here orContinue reading “Everyone Needs Work-Life Balance”