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I look forward to assisting you in your pursuit of new career opportunities or working on objectives you wish to achieve in your organization or institution.  Together, we can make a difference.

– David J. Smith
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My work is wide-ranging and includes consulting, particularly with academic institutions, career coaching those interested in international and conflict-related fields, and speaking and presenting.  My 30 years of experience as a professor, mediator, Fulbright scholar, author, lawyer, and senior manager has provided me with insight into the  many facets of public affairs and education careers as well as global and domestic peacebuilding and conflict resolution work.  Together, we can collaborate to achieve your personal, professional, and organizational objectives.  Read more about my background here


Many organizations and institutions can benefit from advice based on experience.  I have worked closely with educational institutions, businesses,  and not for profits in helping them achieve their goals. I have focused heavily on peacebuilding and conflict resolution strategies. I consult on curricular issues as well as organizational development and conflict processes.  Click here to learn more.

Career Coaching

Are you looking for a change in your career path?  If you are interested in a career in international affairs, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, or related fields, I can be of assistance to you in helping you in reaching your goals. Click here to learn more. 


I  frequently present to large and small groups on careers, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, higher education, and international affairs.  I have give over 500 talks around the U.S. I have spoken to large professional organizations and academic groups on a range of topics. Often when I speak at conferences, I will also offer workshops for the public and professionals.  Click here to learn more.

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