Conflict Coaching

Are you in conflict with someone at work? In your personal life?  In your community?  Conflict coaching is an approach imagesthat supports one party to a conflict in providing them with support and insight on approaches they might use in working through the situation.

I’ve worked in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding for nearly 30 years, as an attorney, educator, U.S. Fulbright Scholar, mediator, and consultant. Read about my background here, and find my CV here.  The work environments I have spent time in include education, government, not for profit, and as a lawyer in private practice.  Early in my legal career I focused on family law as a divorce lawyer, then began offering family mediation services, and then moved to working in community mediation.  I  have an MS in conflict analysis and resolution from George Mason University (GMU) and a JD from the University of Baltimore. I teach in the graduate program at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at GMU. Recently, I was awarded the prestigious William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the field of Conflict Resolution by the Association for Conflict Resolution.  I have also been trained by Conflict Coaching Matters, LLC.

If you are undergoing conflict, conflict coaching could be beneficial to you.  My recent blog post considers about how conflict coaching works.

Email me at if you wish to explore conflict coaching. I can meet you in person (if you are in the Washington, DC area), by phone, or by Skype.  I would welcome a chance to help you work through your conflict in order to provide you with better outcomes at work, in your community, or in your personal life.


Update 12/13/16

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